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Average Rating=7 of 10 stars /
duration=1 Hour 34 min /
Actor=Avinash Tiwary, Tripti Dimri /
Country=India /

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Bulbbul is not a horror film, it rather only touches upon some supernatural elements. Dr Sudip, a crucial character from a movie says, Chudail nahi, Devi hain”
Bulbul, as a child thinks that she’s being married to Satya, almost similar to her age. But later, comes to terms with reality of having married to Mahendra, much older than her. However, how could she give up on Satya so easily with whom she grew up playing hide and seek and hearing lots of stories? Even when Bulbbul becomes a grown up woman, her heart still yearns for Satya.
Mahendra wrecks havoc on Bulbbul after realising that his wife emotionally belongs to someone else. With an iron rod, he repeatedly thrashes her causing her grave injuries. Although this scene is inhumane, the depiction of inhumanity is done so artistically with painting of Ravana killing Jatayu in the background, that it has stood as one of the best articulations of evil side of human nature. Bulbbul’s trauma doesn’t end here. In a bedridden condition with both legs fractured and tied by a support, she is raped by Mahendra’s brother. Hereafter comes the supernatural element. Kali goddess having witnessed plight of Bulbbul, spiritually enters her soul. Bulbbul emphatically rises from her bed and turns into so called ‘chudail. But this is not a typical ghostly spirit which is beyond life and death. This version of Bulbbul is still a normal human who can physically get hurt and have all other human limitations except that now she is on a mission to eliminate the likes of Mahendra and his brother who raped her.
After reading Anurag Kashyap’s review of Bulbbul, I had no choice but to go and watch it immediately.
Some of the elements that stand out from the movie are, minimalist dialogues with great depth yet much clarity (a big plus over Anurag’s movies where sometimes, simplicity is lost in favour of discovering multiple aspects of a character) use of reds to enhance impact of dark & supernatural elements and superb music throughout composed by Amit Trivedi.
For a debutant director Avnita Dutt, this was a phenomenal start. Hats off to you ma’am! She has raised the bar for bollywood for sure. Portrayal of two distinct phases of Bulbbul’s life- first phase before the unfortunate rape incidence and second, after goddess Kali’s revelation are done to the perfection. Locations are chosen carefully and give actual impression of the pre-independence era life of big landlords. Dynamic cinematography does full justice with all these wonderful locations. Initial few scenes of wedding of Bulbbul filmed with great skill stand apart.
All actors have justified their respective roles. Rahul Bose is again a perfectionist as always but none of the other actors deserve any less appreciation.
Throughout the movie, I had in mind, the review of Anurag and was kind of getting a feel of what he must have been thinking while watching it and realising that this was the story that he let go. Yes, he admitted that it was a great learning experience for him and that’s what makes him one of the few real personalities of bollywood.

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