Friday, November 14 “school, it starts to 3 years” The Minister of Education Xavier Darcos said Thursday in the Senate that the school began “to 3 years.” “Before, we must find different facilities, which are tailored to the needs of that child.

Friday, November 14 "school, it starts to 3 years" The Minister of Education Xavier Darcos said Thursday in the Senate that the school began "to 3 years." "Before, we must find different facilities, which are tailored to the needs of that child. That is my doctrine," said Mr Darcos stressing that the Senate report proposing the creation of waking gardens "(joined ) the general opinion of developed countries. " Behind this assertion, we must decipher the issues. Do not accept children under three years raises a number of economic issues. Beyond the educational debate, hosting less than 3 years at school is first now a free public service provided by the state. There is concern that this is no longer the case tomorrow. The project, discussed in a Senate report, is to make a paid partly in service and especially transferred from the state to the regions. Double effect: it reduces expenses of National Education and the number of kindergarten positions since in some cases, reception of two years allowed to maintain positions. In Liberation-Lyon, Yves Fournel Deputy Mayor for Education talking replica of "provocation" coupled with a "scam". The dropout of less than 3 years (which are only 20% to be in school) has already cost too much to communities according to Yves Fournel. A city like Lyon lost the last five years 700 reception places for toddlers in kindergartens. "It is 700 places that we had to find elsewhere," said the deputy education and early childhood. A balance effect that has a cost .. Who will be assumed by families and municipalities. One can indulge in an interesting exercise with the last blog post Luke Cedelle. Journalist World Book is the full version of the interview with Xavier Darcos published in the newspaper last week. . As stated, himself a journalist exercising contraction is inevitable but curiously this "long version" seems more "muscular" than the short version originally appeared in the newspaper. some pretty aggressive It reads from Xavier Darcos but also shades as when he mentions his relations with the unions: "Trade unionists are honorable people, who like school, but they have not yet found the means to match this background work with a new image of themselves. We also this quarter, other disadvantages. Professional elections in early December incite maximalism. "Several times, he refutes the intentions attributed to him and argues his good intentions:" For example, we try to support the idea that my action would be guided by a social justice concern. Everything we do, all without exception is intended to take care of those who are not going well. We strive to give all what wealthy people have their situation "or even" I’m always surprised when one lends me such intentions, I read a lot of documents with me in the process ‘warping whatever … It’s pure fantasy. I’m not obsessed with the idea of ??conducting struggles against anyone and especially not against personal! ". The diapers are him across the throat, "This is the example that I have the most in craw: isolating a piece of sentence, it redials about you and makes you say exactly the opposite of what you said.". It said even injured and affected by these charges. Duly noted, but we will remind the politician what Xavier Darcos, we do not judge a man on his intentions but by its actions. "Man is never that what it does Sartre said. We can do very bad things with the best intentions … Good Read … —————————– —————– 14/11/08 Liberation Mayor of Toulouse takes his "citizen democracy" mid student Toulouse Council officially lists 86,000 students within its walls and 110.900 In the region. They were 157 Wednesday night at the University of Arsenal for the launch of Student Encounters of Local Democracy. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/11/08 ———————————– Nothing seen … ————– Le Monde 14/11/08 small universities readjusted campus map adopt survival strategies they share the disappointment of not being part of the elected of " operation campus ", which will create ten academic centers of excellence with a financing 5 billion. Beside some Parisian, the losing universities are often smaller institutions province: they fear decline. Valerie Pecresse announced Wednesday, November 12, in Les Echos, eleven of them would receive 400 million euros over three years. Read more of the article Towards a European university ranking The European Commission wants to launch a tender by ALA end of the year for the creation of a European university ranking, announced Thursday 13 November 2008 Odile Quintin, Director General for education can you help me with my homework
and culture at the European Commission. This classification would be available in 2010, she said at the conference "International comparison of education systems: a European model?", Organized on 13 and 14 November in Paris under the French Presidency of the European Union . "We need a credible alternative to the Shanghai ranking" Ms Quintin said. The Minister of Higher Education, Valerie Pecresse, who fully supports this approach, welcomed the "strong action" from the European Commission estimated that the creation of a European ranking will help "reinvigorate the mobility" students in Europe. Meanwhile, disputes the famous Chinese ranking multiply. Read more of the article Europe launches its university rankings Academic Europe against attack. The Member States have had enough to suffer year after year, the Shanghai ranking, which relegates their universities in the depths. So they will soon have their own barometer. Odile Quintin, Director General of Education at the European Commission, announced on Thursday 13 November in Paris, during a European symposium on "International comparison of education systems", the launch of a call tenders for the establishment of a classification "which should be available in 2010". Read more of the article Several hundred children homeless in Paris 7600 single parents meet the means test are asylum-social housing. Of these, 423 families are considered homeless, according to the town hall. Added to 290 families outside Paris, for a total of 713 homeless single-parent families in the Paris region. Where are the others ? More than 4500 families are hosting, 127 are illegal occupation and more than 2600 have housing considered precarious. Nationally, 85% of single adult with one or more children are women. Nearly 20,000 single parents called social housing and live in precarious conditions in Ile-de-France. Read more of the article ideology force (how strongly we believe in it) By Aurelien Pereol For many citizens left the fact to identify the ideology of the right is final conviction. Ideology is vanity, it is the horror: it purports to explain, when in fact it hides, ideology is opposed to science, it is on the side of magic, concealment , bad faith, and finally … of domination. The first work of deconstructionist ideology (right) is to show its consistency, coherence that system, which is delusion, illusion caught the ideology of science. This consistency of ideology is a way to have things. If this is so logical, it does not leave less room for other ways equally logical … The ideology denies any alternative thoughts on the same premises. It is as authoritarian and even totalitarian, unique and only adequate to the description of reality and action. Another important focus of denunciation is to show that ideology belongs to speech, and only the speech: it is not just a way to have things with a look of coherence; this coherence is built on sand! Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 14/11/08 (a day late) school. Keep an eye on and punish ? Decidedly, the Minister of Education is not a provocation near. Besides the open war he declared unions, Xavier Darcos recently said that teachers from kindergarten spent their time "to take naps and change diapers." The provocations acts are even more numerous: massive job cuts, scheduled dismantling of specialist support network for children in difficulties, implementation of minimum service reform without consulting school, dropout of school mapping, etc. Last episode with his colleague of Higher Education, the Minister has launched a bid to ensure a "sleep" of the opinions about education on different media – blogs and other Internet chats included. Cost of operation: 220 000 euros per year More Article ——————————– ——————– Le Parisien 14/11/08 Amiens school after school, it works! The rector Ahmed Charai came yesterday in Beauvais boost educational support, that is to say the reception of volunteers children after class. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of Nothing seen … 14/11/08 ——————————– —————- the echoes of 14/11/08 Nothing seen … ——————— —————————- 20 minutes from 14/11/08 courses to include parents back in class for adults . In January, the Paul Eluard colleges in Venissieux, Victor Grignard (8th) and Victor Schoelcher (9th) will offer free French courses, literacy and a discovery of the operation of the school for immigrant parents or immigration issues. Read more of the article Computer Surveillance teacher, Jack Lang speaks of "flicage" "This return to censorship is outrageous!" Jack Lang does not hide his anger against the opinion movements tracking project among teachers, including on the Internet, launched by Xavier Darcos. Former education minister on Friday denounced a draft "flicage" teachers after launch two tenders by the Ministries of Education and Higher Education, to identify discussions among teachers on forums. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 14/11/08 "What’s that? the teacher scratched me, she pulls my hair!" By Victor Bouleirbagh | Supervisor college More Article —————————————- ——– West of France … 14/11/08 Nothing seen —————————- ——————– Le Journal du Dimanche 14/11/08 ————— Nothing seen … ————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 14/11/08 Jack Lang denounced a "flicage teachers" a tender launched Xavier Darcos and Valerie Pecresse on the "eve" of opinion concerning movements Education scandalized the former minister. Read more of the article 34 municipalities assigned for not respecting the minimum service The prefecture of Gard and Herault had begun legal proceedings against their cities that have not complied with the law on minimum service in schools which provides a welcome service must be set up strike days if 25% or more of the teachers are striking. Read more of the article Too schooool! depressed parents, always trust the optimism of youth. This happy thought struck my mind the other afternoon coming out of one of my cultural shocks of the season at a local cinema screening of "High School Musical", the famous musical of Disney home, Number . a world championship of playgrounds success […] remains the fascinating point of the scenario: the educational side of things. Basically, what do we learn in this famous American high school? Nothing. If I exaggerate, we learn to choose a shirt for prom and a new dress for New Year show. And otherwise ? One never sees a course, never a book, never a true teacher. Well, at least it into perspective. Why ? Because for two months every parent of France rushed to see "The Class", the film by Laurent Cantet, and they emerge all depressed: it’s awful at school so they do not learn more nothing ! Well, during this time, their kids went to type "High School Musical", they saw that in these schools there either we do not care less an oar, but at least them, they found it awesome. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 14/11/08 ————————————- Nothing seen … ———————- selection in the 14/11/08 dispatches Six hundred students invited to debate Saturday on the high school reform Six hundred students representatives newly elected officials are invited Saturday by the Education Minister Xavier Darcos to discuss the reform of high school and high school life, as part of the "new school Workshops" organized at the Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau (Essonne). Read more of the article Xavier Darcos defended the awakening gardens because "school, it starts to 3 years" The Minister of Education Xavier Darcos said Thursday in the Senate that the school began "to 3 years "and argued before this age, children are welcomed in structures" different "like waking gardens recommended by a Senate report. Read more of the article Program 2008: a teacher advocates "educational disobedience" The inspectorate of Haute-Garonne said Friday she had to be seized of the case of a professor of Colomiers schools, which has, on the internet, called for "pedagogical disobedience" to protest against the school curriculum recommended in September 2008. Read more of the article opinion Eve in Education: Lang (PS) denounced a "flicage" teachers former Education Minister Jack Lang (PS) on Friday denounced a draft "flicage" teachers after launch two tenders by the ministries of Education and higher Education, for detect movements of opinion, particularly on the internet. Read more of the article A young man sentenced to 3 months in prison for assaulting a headmaster A young man of twenty years was sentenced Friday to 3 months imprisonment by the Criminal Court Evry for assaulting the headmaster of a secondary school in Athis-Mons (Essonne) on October 24 on the sidelines of a ceremony of graduation of the bachelor. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Friday, November 14, 2008

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