The objective was in fact achieved, and now Rebekah walks in the actions of her great uncle Abraham

The objective was in fact achieved, and now Rebekah walks in the actions of her great uncle Abraham

This blessing, combined with reaction to the servant’s declare that Jesus had led him to Rebekah, helps us to understand just why Abraham insisted that Isaac’s spouse be acquired from their relatives that are close Mesopotamia. To some degree Bethuel and their home should have provided a faith when you look at the God of Abraham. They quickly taken care of immediately the data of divine guidance as recounted by the servant (verses 37-49, 50-51). Their blessing on Rebekah is, in my own estimation, an expression of these faith in Abraham’s God and their covenant. The blessing they pronounced too closely parallels God’s covenant promise to Abraham become coincidental: 206

“And i shall bless her, as well as i shall offer you a son by her. I quickly will bless her, and she will be a mom of countries; kings of individuals shall result from her” (Gen. 17:16)

“May you, our sister, become a large number of ten thousands, and will your descendants contain the gate of these whom hate them” (Gen. 24:60)

“Indeed i am going to greatly bless you, and I also will significantly re-double your seed given that movie movie stars associated with heavens, so when the sand which can be regarding the seashore; as well as your seed shall hold the gate of their enemies” (Gen. 22:17)

The Return (24:61-67)

She, like he, had been led by Jesus to go out of her homeland and family relations to visit the land of Canaan.

Isaac was indeed in the industry meditating 207 because the night hours approached (verse 63). He beheld the caravan approaching as he lifted up his eyes. Although it is significantly conjectural, in my opinion that Isaac, just like the servant earlier in the day, have been praying relating to this task of locating a spouse. Isaac could n’t have been unacquainted with the objective upon that your servant was in fact delivered, and certainly Isaac could not need been tired of its result. Because of this good reason i genuinely believe that Isaac had been involved in prayer for the servant that their objective would prosper. As with the full instance for the servant, Isaac’s prayer ended up being answered also before it absolutely was finished.

Rebekah seemed with interest upon the guy who had been approaching them. She asked the servant about him and discovered that this guy was her husband to be. Accordingly, she covered by by herself along with her veil.

Verse 66 may appear incidental, but i believe it states an extremely step that is essential the entire process of looking for a spouse for Isaac. Abraham had been believing that Isaac required a spouse like Rebekah. The servant, too, had been guaranteed that Rebekah had been the main one for Isaac and had succeeded in persuading her group of this particular fact. But, why don’t we not disregard the known undeniable fact that Isaac, too, must be guaranteed that Rebekah ended up being the girl Jesus had given to him. The servant’s report, whilst not duplicated, need been very nearly identical to the main one recorded in verses 37-48. We understand from verse 67 that Isaac ended up being assured that Rebekah had been God’s good and gift that is perfect him.

Much is compressed to the verse that is final of chapter. Isaac took Rebekah into their mother’s tent, and she became their spouse. Their love on her continued and blossomed to cultivate. Their wedding provided Isaac consolation for the loss of their mother.


Genesis 24 is just a chapter this is certainly high in classes for the life, but i’d like to concentrate upon three avenues of truth found in our text: servanthood, guidance, and wedding.


Some have experienced in Genesis 24 a kind of the Trinity. Abraham is just a form of the paternal Father, Isaac associated with the Son, in addition to servant for the Holy Spirit. While this might be an excellent devotional idea, it generally does not appear to us to function as heart of this message for Christians today. Additionally, the analogy generally seems to digest usually.

Instead of seeing him as a kind of the Spirit, the servant is seen by me as a model for every single Christian, for servanthood is amongst the fundamental faculties of Christian solution:

“But it’s not so among you shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be slave of all” (Mark 10:43-44) among you, but whoever wishes to become great.

The servant of Abraham had been marked by their eager obedience and their awareness of the directions provided him. He faithfully pursued their task, not resting or eating until it had been completed. There is a feeling of urgency, maybe an understanding that their master thought there could never be enough time kept. At the least he had been believing that his master felt the problem had been certainly one of urgency. The servant’s diplomacy had been obvious in their transactions with Rebekah along with her family members. Probably the two many striking options that come with this servant are his devotion and wisdom. Abraham had demonstrably with all this guy great authority, he possessed (24:2) for he was in control of all. In this task he had been additionally provided a lot of freedom to utilize their own discretion to find a wife that is godly. Just two lines of boundary had been drawn: he could perhaps not have a spouse through the Canaanites, and then he could maybe maybe not simply take Isaac returning to Mesopotamia. The program that the servant devised to ascertain the smoothness for the females during the springtime had been a masterpiece.

Possibly the many feature that is striking of ended up being their devotion to their master and also to their master’s Master. Prayer and worship marked this guy away to be mind and arms above their peers. He had been a guy with a individual rely upon Jesus and whom offered Jesus the glory. This godly servant renders us with an illustration in servanthood exceeded just because of the “suffering servant,” the Messiah, our Lord, Jesus Christ.

just about everyone has currently discovered the mate for the married everyday lives. As being result we have to think about this passage within the wider context of this guidance which Jesus provides to their kiddies. Maybe More hints no Old Testament passage illustrates the hand that is guiding of also this part into the guide of Genesis.

First, we come across that God directs males to have under means through the Scriptures. Nowhere is Abraham provided an imperative that is direct seek a spouse for their son, but he does work based on a definite inference from revelation. Abraham would be to develop into a mighty country through his son Isaac. Clearly Isaac will need to have kids, and also this necessitated a spouse. Since their offspring will have to be faithful to God and to keep their covenant (cf. 18:19), the spouse would have to be considered a woman that is godly. This implied that she could not be a Canaanite. Additionally, since Jesus had guaranteed “this land,” Isaac should never go back to Mesopotamia.

2nd, we come across that God guides their kiddies as soon as under method by “his angel” (24:7). I really believe that most christians that are true led by the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:14). He makes the means for us to walk in the might also to sense their leading. We ought to continue in faith just like Abraham did, realizing that God does guide.

Third, the might of Jesus ended up being discerned through prayer. The servant presented a strategy to Jesus whereby the girl who was simply become Isaac’s spouse would be obvious. This is no fleece but instead a test of character. The servant could determine the character thereby for the females he would fulfill. Jesus providentially (through circumstances) brought the right girl to the servant, and also by her nice work of watering the camels she evidenced that she had been their option for Isaac’s spouse.

Finally, the might of Jesus ended up being discerned through knowledge. This servant was sent by no doubt Abraham, their oldest and a lot of trusted employee, due to their discernment. He obediently went along to the “city of Nahor” and stationed himself next to the fine where most of the ladies regarding the town must come daily. Humbly he prayed for guidance, but sensibly he proposed a strategy which may test the smoothness of this females he’d encounter. There clearly was no revelation that is spectacular nor did there have to be. Wisdom could discern a lady of good worth.

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